all about andropause, menopause in men

Gauthier Delomez 6:00 p.m., November 08, 2022modified to 9:47 p.m., November 08, 2022 Menopause is still a taboo phase for women, but men can also be affected by this period of life. This is called andropause. Guest of the show Well done for you Tuesday, Doctor Jean-Marc Bohbot, andrologist, takes stock of this biological phenomenon … Read more

This habit increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating dementia that never stops spreading and affects anyone susceptible, especially the elderly. It is characterized by memory loss, changes in mood and behavior, and decreased cognitive abilities. Unfortunately for those who suffer from it, it is incurable and can progress slowly or quickly, depending on the case. Many factors favor … Read more

numerous laboratory accidents, increasingly dangerous experiments

1977 A global flu epidemic kills 700,000. The virus responsible, identical to a strain that had not circulated for fifteen years, obviously came from a laboratory. 2001 A series of anthrax (anthrax) attacks in the United States kills five people and infects seventeen. The alleged perpetrator, Bruce Ivins, who committed suicide during the investigation, was … Read more

Pharmacists now allowed to inject all mandatory vaccines

In addition to the flu and Covid-19, pharmacists can, as of Monday, inject 14 additional vaccines in their pharmacies provided that patients have a prescription. The prerogatives of pharmacists are expanding. From this Monday, November 7, it is now possible to be injected with all the compulsory vaccines and their reminders in pharmacies, indicated the … Read more

AIT clinic opens to cure warning signs of probable stroke

Preventing strokes (cerebrovascular accidents) by offering diagnostics and preventive treatments to people who have just suffered a TIA (transient ischemic attack), this is the mission of the AIT clinic which has just opened this Monday at Bordeaux University Hospital. Its manager, Pauline Renou, is a neurologist in the neurology department and the neurovascular unit of … Read more

When the allergy is born from a kiss or sexual intercourse

By Dr Nathalie Szapiro-Manoukian Posted yesterday at 7:45 p.m., Update yesterday at 9:41 p.m. An allergic reaction may occur after contact. 144083772/ALDECAstudio – DECRYPTION – People with allergies should be careful in any situation. The intimate sphere is not exempt from risks for allergy sufferers. A kiss by a loved one who has eaten … Read more

5 warning signs to worry about

While lung cancer typically affects long-time smokers, the number of never-smokers being diagnosed with lung cancer is increasing. In fact, 20% of people who die of lung cancer have never smoked. Moreover, lung cancer in people who have never smoked seems to affect a younger population. Lung cancer seems to be increasing among young people … Read more