At the beginning of October, Google will have new products to sell us for the home

Google will hold its Made by Google conference on October 6, with new Pixel devices on the program… but not only. The firm will also take the opportunity to unveil new connected products for the home.

The new look & talk feature on the Nest Hub Max
The new look & talk function on the Nest Hub Max, for illustration // Source: Google

Were you expecting Pixel products at the Google conference on October 6? You’re going to have some (the Pixel 7 and the new Pixel Watch will be presented in particular), but Google also has other devices to show us. As Android Authority reports, the firm will take advantage of the event to unveil new connected products for the home.

This is what Google said on its blog. Ideas & Info. The group explains that its new range of Nest products will be presented at the next Made by Google conference… and therefore at the same time as the new Pixel devices.

What to expect for the connected home on October 6?

Obviously, the marketing of these different devices (Pixel and Nest) would also be simultaneous. ” All devices will be available for same-day purchase at or, if you’re in the New York area, at our physical Google stores to experience them in person “says Google. It now remains to be seen which products dedicated to the connected home the firm has in store for us.

Towards a new, even cheaper Chromecast? // Source: Google

As it stands, and even if it is still difficult to know what Google has in mind, several tracks can be mentioned. Recently, for example, it was rumored that a more affordable Chromecast would be in the cards. Other rumors, even more recent, also suggest that this new Full HD streaming key would be ready to be launched. Under these conditions, an announcement on October 6 would probably not surprise anyone.

Google could also unveil a new Nest Wi-Fi and a wired Nest connected doorbell. These two products have also been the subject of rumors for several months. Discovering them officially in a little less than a month therefore seems plausible.

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