At Tesla, the price of Fully Autonomous Driving is rising sharply

Tesla is increasing the price of the FSD option for its vehicles: starting September 5, it will cost $3,000 more in the United States, or $15,000. A $199 subscription option is still available at the same price (for now).

The FSD (Fully Autonomous Driving) function will cost more for American motorists. Elon Musk has confirmed that the option will be sold for $15,000 from September 5, an extension of an additional $3,000. The boss of the car manufacturer, however, specifies that Tesla will honor orders placed before the date indicated, even if the delivery takes place after.

$3,000 more!

Musk also specifies that it is possible to buy the FSD function in two minutes, via the mobile application. As for the price of the subscription, at the moment it does not change at $199 per month. Over the years, the manufacturer has constantly raised the price of this option, which originally cost $5,000 when it was separated from Autopilot.

At the beginning of this year, it went from $10,000 to $12,000, and Elon Musk then indicated that this price would increase further: last month, he said of the software that it was ” ridiculously cheap “. According to him, the increase in the price of the function is the difference between Tesla which is worth a lot of money, and Tesla which is worth nothing. Further increases can therefore be expected as engineers continue to refine and improve the FSD.

In France, the price of fully autonomous driving capability is still set at €7,500, but this set of functions is less advanced than in the United States, regulations require. The US FSD can be compared to a Level 3 driver assistance level (on a scale of 5). We are still far from truly autonomous driving, but Tesla is increasing investments to approach it and all of this is expensive.

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