ASU Prep Digital Partners With Google To Develop A Universally Accessible Streaming Program

July 14, 2022

ASU Prep Digital, an accredited K-12 online school offered by Arizona State University, has partnered with Google Public Sector to make immersive distance learning technology more accessible to students across the United States and all over the world.

ASU Prep Learning Cloud is a streaming solution that enables schools to deliver innovative and interactive 3D learning experiences to students using low-bandwidth devices. The technology was developed and is powered by Google Cloud.
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This new platform invites students to take on challenges by immersing themselves in interactive environments made possible by technology. Students can watch geological formations emerge through simulations rather than reading about them in a textbook, or explore human organs in 3D, bringing topics such as erosion, hydrolysis and anatomy to life. human.


To be successful in a lesson, students need to think critically about the concept, explore it, and learn through discovery. Informative real-time feedback also contributes to a more individualized learning experience.

“We turn students into explorers by embedding learning in the digital formats students love,” said David Sudarma, Chief Technology Officer of ASU Prep. “We spark curiosity by asking students to navigate 3D worlds, hypothesize, and discover knowledge by manipulating game-like simulations to solve real-world problems. »

Advancing Accessibility

ASU’s Readiness Learning Cloud represents an important step toward accessibility for students in rural areas, with limited broadband access, and districts where limited technology funding makes it difficult to create advanced learning opportunities. This immersive cloud-based educational technology can be experienced from mobile devices or Chromebooks, increasing accessibility for all learners, anytime, anywhere. Removing these barriers is especially important for a program like ASU Prep Digital, which can help fill gaps in districts where resources are limited.

“ASU Prep Digital has allowed us to partner and advance educational opportunities for thousands of K-12 students who may not have had access to courses, credits, mentors, and teachers we provide,” said Michael Crow, president of Arizona State University, widely known as a pioneer in online education.

Crow’s vision created a technology-enhanced learning environment across ASU, including pre-college students through ASU Prep Digital. A key part of this vision is expanding opportunities in online education, which provides a pathway to higher education for students who are otherwise prevented from pursuing their educational goals. In addition to its rapidly expanding K-12 enrollment, ASU Prep Digital School Partnerships continue to grow. The program supports entire school districts in states like Utah, Louisiana and Ohio, as well as schools in 22 states and 12 countries.

Powerful partnerships

In addition to full-time and part-time students who enroll directly at ASU Prep Digital, the school also partners with private schools, public schools, and districts around the world to deliver a K-12 curriculum. Grade 12 and individual instruction in a virtual environment. The program’s latest set of lessons, which will be available to partner schools this fall through the Google Cloud-powered ASU Preparatory Learning Cloud, can be used in accordance with the Educational Rights and Privacy Act ( FERPA).

As pioneers in their respective industries, ASU Prep Digital and Google Public Sector have worked to develop the platform, which is based on game engine technology. The ASU Prep Learning Cloud features a responsive design optimized for most commonly used devices (e.g., chromebooks, mobile phones) using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

“Our partnership with ASU Prep Digital has the ability to unlock innovative new academic opportunities for learners across the country,” said Steven Butschi, director of education for Google Public Sector. “We are unleashing the power of Google Cloud to help make individualized, digital and interactive learning the new normal in education. »

Courses integrate seamlessly into existing learning management, while supporting robust interactive features that personalize learning. The platform currently supports ASU Prep Digital partner schools, but may be rolled out to other educational institutions in the future.

“As immersive technologies become more widely adopted in education, 3D learning environments such as augmented reality and virtual reality offer great potential for engagement and retention,” Sudarma said. . “Our collaboration with Google Public Sector is a great first step in expanding access to immersive solutions across many devices, and we’re working together to explore ways to make immersive technologies even more universally available to enthusiastic learners.” »

Preview a snapshot of ASU Prep Learning Cloud courses or take a closer look on the immersive platform.

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