Are you thinking of switching from Android to iOS?

Has the idea of ​​abandoning the Android operating system to switch to iOS ever tickled your mind? This is the subject of our week of the week.

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In the kingdom of smartphones, two factions oppose each other and reign supreme over the land of mobile ecosystems: Android on the one hand, managed by the Google clan, and iOS on the other, overseen by the irreducible troops of Apple. Two entities with completely opposite philosophies, each of which attracts its detractors and its followers, if not its admirers.

Android wide dominating

For its part, iOS relies on increased security and reinforced data protection, a turnkey experience, ultra-smooth navigation, software longevity and a harmonious global ecosystem. Opposite, Android emphasizes interface customization, an open source system, a more flexible application store and a wide choice of hardware.

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In January 2022, Android continued to dominate the debates with shares reaching 69.74%, compared to 25.49% for iOS, according to data from StockApps. An unbalanced distribution, although Apple has grabbed 6 points of PDM in five years.

Are you thinking of switching from Android to iOS?

The thing is, switching from Android to iOS can be tempting in many ways. That’s why we want to know if you were thinking of taking the plunge and turning your back on Google’s OS?


Are you thinking of switching from Android to iOS?

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