Apple remains the best privacy protector, unlike Google, Facebook and others

Apple remains the best privacy protector, unlike Google, Facebook and others

A new study by StockApp shows that Apple is still the GAFAM company collecting the least personal data in 2022.

The issue of personal data, their protection or their collection remains important in the tech world. The firm Stockapps recently published an infographic showing the differences in policy of the various GAFAMs. Apple is again the top performer, with “only” 12 types of data collected.

In the case of the Cupertino company, this data is also used mainly for the use of Apple ID / iCloud accounts. A long-standing strategy, where Apple does not want to rely on advertising. Google, its direct competitor at least from the point of view of smartphones, is on the contrary the one that collects the most data. In addition, the giant is also the actor collecting the greatest variety of information (39 different categories), used among other things for targeted advertising.

Image credit: Stockapps

Facebook and Twitter are quite far behind the Mountain View firm, but also collect more data than necessary. It should be noted, however, that at Facebook most of the data collected is entered directly by users. Some alternatives to Google exist to protect its data, such as browsers or search engines highlighting data protection (Duckduckgo etc.), but with regard to social networks, their operation is generally based on this type of data. A viable alternative adopted by all may be more complicated to find.

Source: Stockapps via Presse-Citron

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