Apple collects far less data about you than Google

InternetThere are several major players in the tech world right now and the two biggest that come to mind are Apple and Google. But they are not alone: ‚Äč‚Äčeven the big names in social networks, such as Meta and Twitter, play an important role. These entities have in common the interaction with our devices, smartphones, tablets and PCs to a large extent. And they inevitably collect information about our preferences, habits and interests. It is therefore particularly interesting to see what and how much personal data is collected by the big names in technology. StockApps did similar work, which quantified the amount of personal data that Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon, and Twitter typically collect from the average user.

The graph above summarizes the main result: Apple collects much less data than Google, less than a third. BigG is specifically the one that collects the most data from its users, and this probably comes from the fact that Google is present in our lives both with its software services and with the entire Android ecosystem. Apple is the company that collects the least data of all those examined. We then find Facebook with a slightly higher share, followed by Amazon and Twitter practically paired.

Among the most relevant data collected by Google, we find the activity of users on websites, thanks to its browser, that of the interaction with third-party applications and services and information relating to e-mails exchanged via Gmail. For a large number of users, Google also collects location information.

In any case, it is worth remembering that Google, like Apple, provides various tools to control the collection of personal data. For example, for Google, it is possible to monitor collection through its privacy dashboard, available both on the website and on Android devices.


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