Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft accused of using illegally mined Amazon gold

Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft singled out for sourcing gold from illegal mining in Brazil. A survey conducted by the local daily Reporter Brasil showed that the 4 groups worked, between 2020 and 2021, with the Chimet and Marsam refineries. Both appear in documents submitted to the authorities of the American stock exchange.

Credit: Reporter Brasil

The first supplier, Chimet, is Italian, the second is Brazilian. The duo is under investigation by the police for illegal extraction of natural resources and environmentally damaging activities in the Brazilian forest. These activities are often decried in view of the environmental damage they produce through the use of mercury, and the violence against indigenous populations.

These two mining companies have nevertheless received quality certification from two associations, LBMA and RMI, but their audit procedures are criticized.

Of the four American groups, only Apple responded to the Brazilian media, reiterating its commitments in terms of verifying its sources of supply. La Pomme said it no longer works with Marsam, but said nothing about Chimet. The other three did not comment and did not deny having worked with these companies.


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