anomalies in autonomous driving according to the German authorities

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KBA finds anomalies on Tesla’s Autoplot

According to a spokesperson for the German federal authority, the KBA carried out tests on Tesla as part of market surveillance and found “anomalies”. They have now been “already partially corrected by the manufacturer”. For the remaining problems, “other corrective measures are still being tested and validated”. The investigation focuses on the driver assistance system (“Tesla Autopilot”).

Previous reviews of the KBA

In previous reviews, the KBA had criticized the electronic lane change function, which may not be permitted in Europe. The authority also complained that Tesla only unlocks certain features if the driver reaches a certain number of points based on their driving skills. According to the KBA, a vehicle must be so safe that it must be able to be used by all drivers.

Lack of transparency in software updates

The German authority also criticizes the lack of transparency in software updates: “If we do not receive any information, we cannot exclude that the systems do not comply with the rules”, said KBA President Richard Damm, in an interview and threatened to shut down the affected Teslas.

Our opinion, by

Tesla’s Autopilot once again in the sights of the authorities… the term chosen by the manufacturer being far from appropriate and causing confusion…

In 2020, the German Competition Center, which is widely regarded as the country’s most important and influential national and cross-border self-regulatory institution for enforcing the law against unfair competition, alleged that Tesla’s decision to list its vehicles as Autopilot included was misleading advertising. The group also accused Tesla of selling its vehicles by promising they are already able to drive automatically around town.

Who said that Tesla was competing with the “Germans” on its own territory with its Giga-factory? … But no, it’s surely not related, let’s see …

Source: WirtschaftsWoche.

to summarize

The KBA, the German Federal Automobile Transport Authority, has discovered “anomalies” during its investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot – or rather autonomous driving – function (contrary to what the Autopilot term used by the manufacturer would suggest).

Months ago, the KBA had already discovered weaknesses in Tesla’s Autopilot. While the manufacturer has now solved some of the problems by making changes to its driver assistance system, anomalies are still observed.

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