Android 13 update drains Google’s smartphone battery

While Pixel 6 has never particularly shone for its autonomy, the new Android 13 update has probably not helped, and has even melted the life of the device for some users.

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When the Pixel 6 was released, we indicated in our test that the autonomy of the smartphone was slightly above average, without standing out from the crowd. Unfortunately for the device, as is often the case, battery life has degraded over updates, and it appears that the latter had a significant impact on autonomy.

It has now been several days since Google rolled out Android 13 to its Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. The update brought many new things to smartphones, but some users have commented on social networks and on Google forums that their experience was far from perfect, especially when it came to battery management.

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Android 13 drops the battery life of the Pixel 6

Several users report a significant decrease in the battery life of their device after installing the Android 13 update. I see [des notifications de batterie faible] every day now with android 13 update on my pixel 6. Battery is draining and the heat is unreal. The last major update killed my phone signal, this time the battery! “, writes for example @karlatkinson on Twitter.

On Google forums, dozens of Pixel 6 owners are also reporting a significant drop in battery life after the Android 13 update. Some claim the battery drains twice fast, especially when the smartphone is idle. For now, Google has not officially acknowledged that there is a problem with its update, but it is hoped that the company will quickly deploy a fix to reduce the smartphone’s energy consumption.

If you still want to try the Android 13 experience, we remind you that if you have a Pixel 6, 6 Pro or 6ayou won’t be able to roll back to Android 12 once the update is installed.

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