Android 13: Towards a premature release of Google’s new mobile OS?

While yesterday we were discussing the probable release date of the Google Pixel 7, new information announces that of its OS, Android 13. In security release notes recently published on the Google website, there are information that the new mobile OS should already be released in September.

  • Android 13 should already be released in September
  • The launch of the Google Pixel 7 does not go along with this rumor
  • Xiaomi has already started its Android 13 beta program

Many rumors about the release of the new version of Android are circulating on the net. Concrete clues regarding the release date would now have appeared. Indeed, in the new security release notes from Google, it says September 1, 2022. Until now, many thought that we would see Android 13 at the earliest in October, when Google’s Pixel 7s were released. .

Indeed, experience has shown that Google only launches its new OS on its new Pixel smartphones. That’s what happened last year, when the search giant released its Google Pixel 6 and Android 12 simultaneously in mid-October. Information from Google leads us to believe that this security information could also be in error.

Xiaomi has already carried out the first beta tests of MIUI 13.1

The Chinese smartphone maker has already made available a mini update in China, which allows users to access a beta version of the new MIUI 13.1 with their Xiaomi 12. Other betas have also been available for some time. time, so we can assume that the final version of the OS is already ready to be released.

Both Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro models are slated for release on October 7 / © Google.

Even though betas and indications show a trend that we might get Android 13 as soon as next month, the question of why Google would change its strategy in this area still remains. Because a release of the Google Pixel 7 in September is excluded. The manufacturer would therefore launch a new version of its OS without its new flagship. So it remains to be seen whether Google will really change its plans.

What do you think of this rumor? Are you already looking forward to the arrival of Android 13 or not?


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