an update that makes the adaptive suspension even more effective

Through its latest remote update (2022.20), You’re here introduces a brand new feature to analyze road conditions and adapt the ride height accordingly. This means that models equipped with an adaptive suspension system will be able to avoid damage linked to potholes and other gaping holes in the road. Note that in this way, and over time, You’re here will be able to develop a kind of “map” of road conditions, in order to automatically trigger the adaptive suspension in its vehicles when necessary.

This feature will obviously only be available on vehicles with adaptive suspension technology, i.e. Model S and Model X the most recent. To activate it, you have to go to Controls, Suspension, Adaptive suspension damping and then choose the Comfort or Auto setting.

Secure all vehicle equipment

In addition to the comfort of the driver and his passengers, this technology is intended to secure all of the vehicle’s equipment, jeopardized by the slightest irregularity on the road.

Also on the program of this update are a warning sound when the traffic light turns green or the car in front of you moves forward, faster tensioning of the seat belt in the event of a collision, detection of traffic signs speed limitation as well as resetting tire parameters when replaced.

Only the latest versions of the Tesla Model S and Model X have adaptive suspension. ©Tesla

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