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As an individual, access to a charging station is a theme that comes up ever more forcefully in public debate, and in everyday concerns.

And if you are an entrepreneur, you know that offering an electric vehicle charging service to your users is a real asset. Especially, when we know that, by 2025, more than 20% of Europeans will drive an electric car.

So you’ve probably already thought about installing your own charging station at your home. However, when we are not experts, an electrical installation can quickly scare us and seem insurmountable. Precisely because we want to pay the right price and want a job well done the first time!

This is why we are going to take up, together, all the important points, in order to achieve the best result: a compliant installation that will give you complete satisfaction in use.

Reduced rate VAT

Individuals can benefit from a reduced rate of VAT in the event that the supply and installation of the charging station are invoiced together. If the charging station is installed in a home built more than two years ago, the rate of VAT is 5.5%. In a dwelling built less than two years ago, the VAT rate applied is 20%. If it is a reinforced socket installation or an industrial socket and not a charging station, the VAT rate is 10% for homes built more than two years ago. VAT is 20% for dwellings less than two years old.

Specific aid for owners who live in a community:

An owner residing in a collective dwelling can invoke his right to plug and install a charging point at his own expense, without needing his co-ownership AG. This project is eligible for the Advenir grant as long as it is done on a dedicated site. The Advenir premium covers supply and installation costs at 50% for individuals in collective residential buildings. The aid is limited to a maximum ceiling of €960 for individual use excluding VAT and for shared use it is capped at €1,660.

Some regions complete the system

Many French regions are setting up support systems to encourage the installation of electric charging stations.

City of Paris

The City of Paris offers aid of 50% of the tax-free amount for pre-equipment linked to the installation of an electrical terminal up to €4,000. Trustees and social landlords who wish to install charging stations for residents or visitors benefit from aid of 50% of the cost of the works, i.e. €500 per charging point.

The Normandy region

The Normandy region offers micro-enterprises, individuals, associations, aid of 30% of the amount excluding tax for the purchase and installation of an electric charging station. The maximum ceiling for the amount of aid is €15,000 per community during the purchase of a new electric car. To benefit from this aid, you must reside in Normandy. You will not be eligible for this aid if you have previously benefited from the IDEE Action Mobilité durable scheme.

The Grand Est region

For the Grand Est region, companies have the possibility of benefiting from a subsidy of 50% of the cost excluding VAT of the installation project with a maximum ceiling of €1,000 per charging point. Only infrastructures that comply with the technical criteria of the Advenir national program are eligible and the infrastructures must be accessible to staff during working hours.

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