ALGO Price Prediction – Algorand and AlgoHub launch new blockchain initiative

The countries and territories affected are Australia, Fiji, Malaysia, Singapore, the South Pacific Islands, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Vietnam.

This technology hub will support students on their blockchain learning journey through the connection that will be established between student clubs and societies across the region. Students will get access to exclusive events and top blockchain students will get rewards in the form of scholarships and prizes.

The student club hub will also support students with case studies, provide them with leads for internships, or even allow them to make project presentations and attend conferences led by guests from the community. Algorand.

Incubator for fundraising

According to Karen Cohen, founder of the AlgoHUB, the partnership with the Algorand Foundation will also allow students from top universities in the APAC region to obtain funds to build applications on the blockchain.

The Student Club Community Center will also interact with organizations in the APAC region participating in Algorand’s Centers of Excellence (ACE) program “, she added.

As a reminder, the recipients of the ACE grants, another Algorand project to benefit blockchain development, were announced earlier this month.

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For Doro Unger-Lee, head of university programs at the Algorand Foundation, this initiative will create an environment conducive to the next generation of blockchain enthusiasts. Several innovative ideas and practical use cases of blockchain are therefore expected.

It should be noted that initiatives of this type contribute to making Algorand and its native cryptocurrency ALGO better known. Interest in this token may therefore increase, as well as its long-term value.

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