Airdrop of Safe (Gnosis) – 50 million tokens will be distributed to Ethereum wallets

The Gnosis Safe multisignature wallet has confirmed that it wants to airdrop. The proposal has been submitted to the community, it should allow the distribution of 50 million SAFE tokens.

Launch of the SAFE token

As a reminder, Gnosis Safe recently separated from Gnosis, and now wishes to be known under the name of Safe. The process is accompanied by the launch of a token, the SAFEwhich will be distributed to users through an airdrop.

The distribution of the SAFE token breaks down as follows: 60% will feed the Community Treasury, 15% will be allocated to Core Contributors, 15% to the Safe Foundation. The remaining 10% will be distributed for the ecosystem, and for users :

Distribution token SAFE airdrop Gnosis

Distribution and distribution of the SAFE token

The Safe teams cite several goals, including decentralization, incentive rewards for the most active users, as well as just a way to promote the project.

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Gnosis Safe Airdrop: Who is Eligible?

It is of course Safe users who will be eligible for this airdrop. For this they must have created their address before February 9, 2022, the date on which the Safe DAO proposal was made. Addresses must also have registered at least two shares, or have stored 10 ETH over their period of existence. In total, at least 400 SAFE tokens will be sent to 21,935 addresses.

The proposal also explains that the project wishes focus on DAO developmentthe idea being to give as much power as possible to the community:

On the long term, we see Safe as a community driven project. It gives power [aux utilisateurs] to own part of the product they use.»

Safe in any case, seems to have been progressing for a few months. The project had raised $100 million in July by the time it rebranded itself. In addition, the integration of the Avalanche blockchain (AVAX) at the end of 2021 had enabled the multisig wallet to reach a larger part of the ecosystem.

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Source: Gnosis forum, SAFE distribution proposal

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