after years of delay, it finally arrives in Europe

The first customers of European Tesla Model S will be able to rejoice: deliveries are approaching. Indeed, some future buyers have received an update from Tesla inviting them to prepare for delivery.

Tesla Model S Poster

Announced since January 2021, the Tesla Model S Plaid is eagerly awaited by many Europeans, but Elon Musk’s firm had given no details as to the delivery date. More than 18 months later, the end of the tunnel would be closer than ever, according to the latest information available.

An imminent delivery

The information was relayed on Twitter by several accounts, including a Swede who announces that deliveries will begin this weekend of August 6, 2022. An acquaintance’s Tesla account has been updated, prompting them to get ready to take delivery — and pay the order balance — now.

As a reminder, the Tesla Model S Plaid have only been available in the United States since June 2021, where the first deliveries took place. More than a year later, and without any information from the Texas firm since, this news comes unexpectedly for those who were waiting for their electric car.

tesla model s plaid 2021
The new Tesla Model S Plaid // Source: Tesla

We recalled in a dedicated file everything we knew so far about the European Tesla Model S and Model X 2022, and there is no doubt that we will learn even more when the first models arrive in the hands of customers. The technical specifics turn heads: 0 to 100 km/h shot in 2.1 seconds, more than 1,000 horsepower, a WLTP range of 637 kilometers and a top speed of 322 km/h.

A new Tesla from the USA

The Fremont plant in California remains the only one to manufacture the Tesla Model S and Model X, when Gigafactory in Shanghai and Berlin only take care of the Tesla Model Y and Model 3. Thus, there should be some exports in the third quarter of 2022 American Tesla to Europe, something unheard of for many months.

If this is confirmed and the first deliveries of Tesla Model S Plaid arrive before September, it will end a cycle of just over two years without a single new Tesla Model S sold in Europe. For the moment, we have not had confirmation from a French customer that the delivery is imminent, but hope that it will be the case soon.

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