After several weeks of decline, the number of positive cases is on the rise again

A few days after the death of Jean-Luc Godard, we could well witness a new wave. Obviously not the one embodied by the filmmaker, but a new wave of cases of Covid-19, at least in Ile-de-France. The latest figures from Public Health France (SPF) published this Friday are worrying to say the least.

The number of positive cases thus almost doubled in the space of two weeks, rising to 24,891 cases recorded between September 12 and 18 (S37) against 13,381 cases in S35. Same evolution for the crude incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants which was 108 in S35 against 201 in S37. The rate is “up after a period of 4 weeks of stability”, notes SPF. The positivity rate goes from 10.9% in S35 to 13.7 in S37.

Our dossier on Covid-19

If the number of deaths continues to decrease (11 last week), “in S37, the number of new hospitalizations (342) increased (+ 16%) for the 1st time after 9 consecutive weeks of decline”, warns SPF. It concludes: “Faced with the active and increasing viral circulation, vaccination (and recall) of all eligible persons remains essential and must be associated with a good level of adherence to the other recommended preventive measures. »

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