After his keys, the self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin loses his temper in front of a journalist

Still no evidence – Since the years 2015/2016, Craig S. Wright (CSW) claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin (BTC): Satoshi Nakamoto. Except he only did multiply bogus evidence from. Today, according to him, we have to believe that he is Satoshi because… enough people would believe his nonsense!

Is Craig Wright Satoshi Nakamoto, or a compulsive liar?

For nearly 7 years and its first claims as Satoshi Nakamoto, the cryptosphere has been patiently waiting for Craig Wright deign to provide a irrefutable proofwhich would demonstrate that he is indeed the inventor of Bitcoin in January 2009.

In an interview with The Project, Craig Wright quickly found himself faced with a request for evidence on his claim to be Satoshi. His first reaction was to claim that these are the… people around him who would prove that he is the creator of Bitcoin!

“The proof is always the people. (…) I mean, I had family, I had friends. I have people who are high up in the industry. »

And these people (or rather their belief in CSW) are supposed to be… absolute proof? Worse still, our favorite Faketoshi pulls out a wobbly comparison between car keys and private keys of BTC wallet.

“Again, you can’t prove anything with keys. If I own your car keys, that doesn’t mean I own your car, honestly, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. »

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Could Bitcoin’s inventor be angry and self-centered?

Let’s not dwell on the fact that Craig Wright obviously seems to have fortuitously lost his keys, not his car, but those of the wallet(s) of “his” invention. Finally if one can manage to believe that such an individual possessed them one day.

Indeed, let’s look at his reactions when the journalist asks him for proof: anger and the insult. Indeed, CSW, obviously very irritated, began to insult journalist Hamish Macdonald, calling him a “wanker”.

“Get a law book, look at what evidence is, and take a course. And after that, when you know what you’re talking about, then we can talk. Otherwise, you’re just a wanker! »

Wright has say again afterwards twice this insult. And again, we spared you the “fucking” which slipped into his words.

Dear crypto-enthusiasts, together let’s hope that this sad individual is not, never, neither near nor far, Satoshi Nakamoto. His frenzied and possessive egocentrism in no way represents the universalist philosophy of the Cypherpunkswhich are and will remain the real spiritual fathers of Bitcoin.

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