A Tesla Model 3 clone for €26,000

The Tesla Model 3 is a commercial hit, but due to its popularity and the international context, prices keep on skyrocketing. Thus, in January 2021, you could acquire one for €36,800 bonus (ecological bonus deducted), today, you have to pay €53,500 from which you have to subtract a bonus of €2,000, i.e. an invoice of €51,500. A hell of inflation. Something to cool some ardor!

However, if you are ready to make some concessions by buying “almost” a Tesla, you might be interested in a sedan from China signed Changan Automobile sold for $26,000, the equivalent of €26,000. So yes, the most observant will be able to tell the difference but between the Shenlan SL03, that’s its name and the Model 3 are very similar, especially the front part, whether it is the shape of the headlights, the shield or the hood. If you’re not careful, even the logo can be confusing. It must however be recognized that the rest of the car is very different from the American in particular the rear or the profile.

On the other hand, there is no doubt in the passenger compartment where the proximity is obvious with a very refined dashboard on which sits in its center a large horizontal multimedia screen.

In terms of autonomy, the basic version is given for 515 km while a version with a larger battery announces 705 km. The batteries were designed by Huawei and CATL. For the rest, the dimensions are very close. Only the length of the Shenlan SL03 is about 10 cm longer.

The success of this sedan was immediate with 15,000 reservations within a few hours. Changan Automobile expects delivery of the first customers at the end of the year and production of 15,000 units per month. So tempted?

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