A Tesla enters a building at 110 km / h, the crash was filmed

Human error or technical failure? On May 4, in Ohio (United States), a Tesla traveling at more than 110 km / h crashed into the Columbus convention center, we learn in Le Parisien, Tuesday May 17. The sequence was filmed by surveillance cameras and the video was relayed by the daily. We see, from several angles, the car arrive at full speed at a junction and rush directly into the building. The car, destroyed, ends up inside. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

What happened ? Two opposing versions. The driver on the one hand told the police that he was driving at 70 mph, or 113 km / h, and that his brakes, faulty, did not work. On the other, witnesses claim to have seen the driver accelerate so as not to have the red light and that he did not slow down to turn at the intersection. An investigation should be opened to determine the cause of the accident, in particular if the brakes are at the origin of the crash. According to Le Parisien, the amount of repairs to the center varies between 250,000 and 300,000 euros. As for the car, it was totally destroyed and cannot be repaired.


A Tesla with no one behind the wheel involved in a fatal accident?

If the brakes are involved in this accident, it could tarnish the image of the American automaker owned by millionaire Elon Musk, already tainted by accusations of technical failure. In particular during the accident which took place in Paris in December 2021: the accelerator of a Tesla Model 3 had “stuck”, recalls Le Parisien. A pedestrian was killed and twenty were injured. The driver was also indicted for “manslaughter and involuntary injuries”. He for his part filed a complaint against Tesla France for “endangering the lives of others”. As for the manufacturer, he has always refuted the accusations.

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