A squadron of new Jeeps to counter Rivian and Tesla, Corporate News

MILAN/DETROIT, Sept 8 (Reuters) – Jeep will launch four electric SUVs by the end of 2025 to regain the lead in the race to electrify all-terrain vehicles, the Stellantis brand has announced.

Coming late in the electric battle, Jeep has lifted the veil on a 100% EV Jeep Recon, inspired by the thermal-powered off-road icon Wrangler, a Wagoneer S – a battery-powered newcomer to the Grand Cherokee family and Wagoneer – as well as a small Jeep Avenger EV aimed at the European public.

Brand director Christian Meunier said these future electric models — some of which weren’t revealed during a press presentation on Wednesday — would help Jeep compete with other electric vehicles.

Rivian, Scout and Hummer – relaunched by General Motors – have all launched electric SUVs in a segment that has been Jeep’s backyard for decades: the all-weather adventure vehicle. And Tesla, with its Model X and Model Y SUVs, is attacking Jeep customers looking for more versatile solutions.

Christian Meunier is convinced that the electric Recon and Wagoneer, whose marketing is scheduled for 2024, and the European Avenger, scheduled for early 2023, will fuel the growth of the brand.

“We’re not done with growth yet, but we want to get there the right way,” he said, adding he couldn’t give volume projections for the coming years.

Jeep is counting on the fact that electric models will represent 50% of its sales in the United States and 100% of its sales in Europe by 2030, also said Christian Meunier.

The brand still intends to offer this type of vehicle in China, he said, but without further details. Stellantis announced in July an overhaul of its strategy for Jeep in the Chinese market, ending a JV with local automaker GAC and turning to an import mode.

In Europe, Jeep wants to use the Avenger to strengthen itself in the compact SUV segment, where it is already present with the Renegade, and target a younger and more feminine clientele.

Italy is currently Jeep’s biggest market in Europe, weighing half of its sales on the continent, and the brand wants to gain ground in Germany, France and the UK. (Giulio Piovaccari and Joseph White, Gilles Guillaume for the French version, edited by Tangi Salaün)

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