A single glass of wine or beer a day increases the risk of stroke

A glass of wine or beer a day in your twenties and thirties could already increase the risk of stroke by a fifth, according to a new scientific study.

Is drinking alcohol in moderation the key to good health? Obviously not, according to a new study relayed by the Daily mail. A drink a day, around the twenties and thirties, could already increase the risk of stroke.

To achieve this synthesis, a team from Seoul National University spent six years sifting through data from 1.5 million young adults. Each year, participants underwent four examinations during which they were asked about their alcohol consumption. People considered “moderate drinkers” drank almost six pints of medium-strong beer a week or eight small glasses of wine or about nine large glasses of spirits, or about one glass a day.

According to the conclusions of this study, the latter were 20% more likely to have a stroke than those whose consumption was lower. In total, of all the participants, 3,153 had a stroke during the study period.

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“Strokes can lead to severe disability”

Note that other factors that may affect the risk of stroke, such as high blood pressure, smoking and body mass index were taken into account. “Strokes in young adults have increased in recent decades. They can lead to death or severe disability“, reminded the author of the study, Eue-Keun Choi.

Long considered a fatality, stroke, often called “brain attack”, is caused by a sudden stoppage of blood circulation inside the brain, which leads to the death of brain cells. Each year in France, 150,000 people are victims of a stroke, more than 110,000 are hospitalized and 30,000 die from it, according to figures reported by the Ministry of Health.

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