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From Wednesday, September 7, Google Maps will offer alternative fuel-saving routes to its users.

Starting this Wednesday, September 7, Google Maps is launching a new feature aimed at make its users consume less fuel. In France as in Europe, the navigation aid application will now offer the most fuel-efficient route between point A and point B.

This route can be a few minutes longer but will save fuel. Google Maps will show the percentage of unconsumed energy relative to the fastest route. The latter does not disappear. The driver will simply invited to make a choice, between speed and economy.

For this, the American company will rely on its data. But also on those collected by the European Environment Agency. This concerns in particular the average road speed, depending on the hours of attendance. But also the relief of the sections concerned by the path of the user. Or red lights.

Google Maps forced by the government to no longer highlight the car

In a few weeks, Google will offer even more precise estimates. This allows the driver to choose your engine: diesel, petrol, hybrid or electric. This feature debuted last year in North America and Germany. The company claims that this would have already resulted in ” a reduction of more than 500,000 tonnes of CO2. Or the equivalent of 100,000 thermal engine cars withdrawn from circulation“.

Remember that navigation aid applications, such as Google Maps, Waze and others, are forced to no longer highlight the car by default in France. They must also display awareness messages. “For short journeys, favor walking or cycling”, “Consider carpooling” or “Going from 130 to 110 km/h on the motorway reduces your fuel consumption by 20%”.

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