a new entry-level cheaper than the Model 3

The Model Y goes downmarket with a single-engine version. Its price: €49,990… or €3,500 less than the equivalent Model 3!

It was expected, here it is: the access version of the Model Y, simply called “Model Y”. While the Grande Autonomie and Performance have two motors, there is only one here. This Propulsion version still goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds. The maximum speed is 217 km/h.

Autonomy is more modest. With the standard 19-inch rims, Tesla announces 455 km, against 565 km for the Long Range version. With 20-inch rims, it’s 430 km. The brand has a consumption of 15.7 kWh/100km. On the charging power side, it is more modest, with 170 kW against 250 kW.

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But the advantage of this version is its price. Tesla has chosen the psychological price tag, at €49,990. Or 15,000 € less than the Grande Autonomie. Above all, and this is beyond understanding, the Model Y Propulsion becomes cheaper than the Model 3 Propulsion, the price of which rose sharply in 2022 to now stand at €53,490! The SUV cheaper than the sedan, you never see that! Note that a BMW iX3 with similar autonomy and performance starts at nearly €70,000.

This variant benefits from a bonus of €2,000. The Model Y has the Autopilot, the Premium interior as standard (front and rear heated seats, heated steering wheel, etc.) or the Premium Audio system (composed of 13 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amplifiers and sound immersive).

Orders are open, deliveries of this model will begin in December 2022.

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