a Model S crashes into a building at 110 km/h and ends up in the hallway

A Tesla Model S crashed into a building at more than 110 km/h in the United States. She crossed the glass wall of the building before finishing her race in the hallway. The accident is impressive, but the driver escaped with minor injuries.

In the city of Columbus in Ohio in the United States, a Tesla Model S made an impressive crash last week. Running a red light, she crashed more than 110 km/h in the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

The Tesla Model S in the hallway of the convention center
The Tesla Model S in the hallway of the convention center – Credit: TheColumbusDispatch / YouTube

The shock was so strong that the electric sedan passed through the glass wall of the building. She finally stopped in the hallway of the building after hitting a pillar. As usual, road accidents involving Elon Musk’s Tesla cars are particularly publicized. A few weeks ago, we learned that a Model 3 had landed on an ambulance in California.

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This Tesla Model S caused up to $350,000 in building damage

Surveillance cameras outside and inside the convention center captured footage of the crash from multiple angles. The video of the crash is impressive, but the driver escaped well with minor injuries. The building suffered major structural damage. A spokesperson for the convention center said the accident caused between $250,000 and $350,000 in damage inside and outside the building. This includes but is not limited to power lines, carpeting, wall coverings, drywall and fire sprinkler system.

Local newspaper The Columbus Dispatch shared the full video of the accident on its YouTube channel. The video above shows the crash captured by the various surveillance cameras. We can clearly see the electric sedan going through the red light and violently colliding with the glass facade of the building. A flower pot topples over and shards of glass litter the floor.

A few seconds after the collision, the first witnesses intervene. A person rushes inside the building to check the condition of the driver while another seems to be calling for help. Then, the end of the video shows the accident seen from the inside. A pillar abruptly brings Model S to a halt. His bumper and his windshield are seriously damaged. The electric car belonged to a local taxi service. Its driver, who was immediately taken to the hospital, claims to have lost control of the brakes before the accident.

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