a leak reveals a potential preview of future terminals

Tesla is currently working on the development of its next generation of Superchargers: a leak revealing sketches has been posted on Twitter.

Tesla Superchargers

Deployed since 2012, first in the United States and then worldwide, the Supercharger network has continued to grow over the years. Today, the latter has more than 35,000 fast charging terminals, distributed in 800 stations around the world. A real tour de force on the part of the brand, which multiplies the openings.

In France alone, no less than 1,500 Superchargers are currently located throughout the country. As in the rest of the world, these are V2 or V3 terminals, displaying respective powers of 150 to 300 kW. However, this could increase to 324 kW via an update which would first be effective in the United States before being available in Europe.

A new generation in the making

But that’s not all. Indeed, and as our colleagues from Electrek point out, Elon Musk’s firm would be currently working on the development of a new generation of Supercharger. Known as the V4, this is not expected to arrive until next year, while Tesla has yet to give any official information about it. We know, however, what these new terminals could look like, while a plan for an installation in Massachusetts has apparently leaked on the net, relayed by John Harris on Twitter.

The interested party describes himself as an information technology professional, but also and above all as a beta tester of FSD (Full Self Driving), the fully autonomous driving capability available in the United States. In any case, it is advisable to welcome with a minimum of prudence its publication Twitter.

Tesla supercharger site plans for Danvers, MA appear to now include references to “Alternative Supercharger Posts” in addition to v3 posts. This is probably still a v3 build, but this suggests v4 sites are on the way 😍

Thank you @TeslaCharging pic.twitter.com/FoSB7ZnGpO

— John Harris (@JH_bedford) July 19, 2022

Based on these sketches, the design of this new version would be very different from the Superchargers that we currently know in its V2 and V3 versions. This time, the style would be more refined, since the hole in the center of the totem seems to disappear while the lines would be more angular. The bollard should also be thinner and taller. According Electrekthis new charger would strongly resemble the “Urban Supercharger” installed in certain large cities.

A rising power

For now, we still know very little about the technical specificities of these new V4 Superchargers. Nevertheless, it would seem that these see their power increase – logically – compared to the V3, then rising to 350 kW. The brand would also have mentioned its desire to integrate a CSS socket on its terminals in the United States to make them accessible to most electric models. Note that this connector is already available in Europe.

According to the images, the cable would be a little longer than on the terminals currently in service. This should again facilitate access to non-Tesla models, whose sockets are sometimes installed at the front. It only remains to wait before knowing a little more, while Tesla should probably soon communicate about these new Superchargers.

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