A lane reserved for Tesla arrives at the United States border

This is an unexpected agreement to say the least, and very good news for Elon Musk. Tesla has just obtained an exclusive lane at a border crossing located between the United States and Mexico. According The Guardianthe automaker has in fact reached an agreement with the state of Nuevo León.

Concretely, this will allow the company’s suppliers who transit from Mexico to the Austin plant in Texas to use a dedicated lane in the Colombia Solidarity sector. This area located about fifteen kilometers from the border often seems congested and the signing of this agreement should simplify things.

A privilege that does not go unnoticed in the United States

Our colleagues thus explain that Tesla uses six suppliers on the side of the Mexican border. Quoted by the British media, the Minister of Economy of Nuevo León specifies: It’s a simple incentive. What we want is a much faster and more efficient passage. And maybe there will be a path for other companies in the future, like there is for Tesla. »

Important clarification: Tesla vehicles are absolutely not allowed to use this dedicated lane, and it is indeed a privilege reserved for suppliers of Elon Musk’s automotive company.

As reported Capital, this announcement was especially surprising on the American side, because it concerns only one company. But the agreement seems quite logical from the Mexican point of view. In fact, the economic link between Nuevo León and Uncle Sam is growing enormously, especially with regard to electromobility. Moreover, from 5 to 7% of the investment in this State will come from this industry, specify our colleagues.

It should also be noted that at present, only one lane is reserved for companies within the framework of the CBP-Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT). These take the fast lane called Free and Secure Trade Lane.

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