a higher price for the Long Autonomy version

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Tesla has just changed the price of the Model 3 Grande Autonomie, which increases by 3,000 euros to the list price.

After several months without variation, the price list of the Tesla Model 3 has just been revised upwards. It is the Long Autonomy version which undergoes a heavy increase. Indeed, its price goes from 52,990 euros to 55,990 euros in the catalog, or 3,000 euros increase. A price that is similar to that of the Model 3 Performance, still billed at 59,990 euros.

On the other hand, the price difference is now colossal between the Long Autonomy version, and the Model 3, the simplified name of the old Standard Autonomy Plus. The Tesla Model 3 thus starts at 43,800 euros, which makes it eligible today for an ecological bonus of 6,000 euros. For buyers, this allows an entry price of 37,800 euros without options. Given the new bonus rules, the Model 3 Grande Autonomie only benefits from a bonus of 2,000 euros, which brings its “bonus deducted” price down to 53,990 euros, compared to 50,990 euros previously. This therefore makes a difference of 16,190 euros between the “basic” Model 3 and its Long Autonomy version.

Price excluding bonus Bonus price deducted
Tesla Model 3 €43,800 €37,800
Tesla Model 3 Long Autonomy €55,990 €53,990
Tesla Model 3 Performance €59,990 €57,990

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