a high-performance sedan against Tesla in 2025

Cupra, the small rising brand, never ceases to amaze us with the number of projects that it undertakes to carry out with, in the long term, at least 7 models.

Cupra sedan – Since the disappearance of the Exeo, which was none other than an old rebadged Audi A4, no more trunk sedans have come to fill Seat’s catalog. But his label Cupra should return to business in this segment by 2025with a large sedan capable of competing with the productions of Elon Musk.

On the rise

It’s been a lot of swings for Cupra since the brand broke away from Seat just 4 years ago. After betting on rebadged Leon and Ateca, at its debutshe found success in 2021 thanks to its very first model being exclusively reserved for it, called Formentor. In total, nearly 80,000 Cupras have found takers in Europe, and this figure intends to be doubled this year, in particular with a Volkswagen ID.3 clone by the sweet name of Cupra Born.

7 models in the catalog, eventually

And this thirst for success will pass, from 2024, through the arrival ofa second 100% electric model based on the Volkswagen ID.4 and ID.5 platform. It will be the mass production of the Tavascan concept car, an SUV unveiled in 2019, which offered more than 300 hp. And the following year, this enlargement of the panel will be done from below by welcoming a city car prefigured last September by the UrbanRebel study, at the Munich show. Itself would be likely to replace the Ibiza at Seat.

The Tesla Model 3 in the crosshairs

But that’s not all since we have just learned, during a digital event organized by the brand, that two other models will point the end of their calenders, in 2025. Subtly revealed in hologram form, alongside a very real UrbanRebel, the drape that hides them seems to indicate that it would bea large sedan and its station wagon counterpart. A duo that is reminiscent of a certain ID.7 which should oversee the electric Volkswagen range very soon, in order to compete with the Tesla Model 3, as well asa station wagon derivative currently known as Aero B. Everything suggests that they will therefore come under the Cupra fold two years later, with even more muscular engines to honor their sporting label.

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