A Ferrari Testarossa powered by a Tesla engine! (+ video)

You read that right: the “retrofit” company Electric Classic Cars transformed a Ferrari Testarossa into an electric car with a… Tesla motor!

The idea comes straight from the workshop Electric Classic Cars. The one who describes himself as the greatest converter of classic cars into zero-emission models, has transformed a Ferrari Testarossa in electric car !

It’s not the first time that this company specialized in “retrofit” changes a classic car to electric. She had already experimented with a Porsche 911a Range Rover and an Mercedes SL.

A company specializing in “retrofit”

There are many arguments that drive motorists to go electric: maintenance costs, repairs, consumption and fuel costsbut also the restrictions imposed in some cities towards thermal cars. The noose is indeed tightening on classic cars which have less and less leeway.

It is with this in mind that the company Electric Classic Carhas specialized in installation of electric motors inside classic cars. His latest feat: a Ferrari Testarossa with an engine You’re here ! The project is available in two parts on Youtube where you can find Richard Morganfounder of the company, explaining the journey.

A Tesla engine instead of the V12

In these videos, Morgan explains that the goal of the transfer is to retain as much of the same weight and balance as the original car. The Testarossa weighs 1650kg with a full tank of gasoline. Without the thermal components, this weight drops to 966 kgwhich means that the company must find 684kg to equalize everything.

Thus Electric Classic Cars placed a Tesla motor of 125kg instead of Original cylindrical V12. Additionally, a pack of lithium ion batteries is arranged between the floor and the front bonnet. In total, 635kg have been found. However, no mention is made of the performance of this automobile 2.0, both on acceleration or even theautonomy.

The second part of this report can be found here.

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