a disinsection operation in town this Thursday evening

Rue Carnot, des Minimes, Dufour, Lazare-Rameau, place Poissonnière and Saint-Pierre, quai Lamartine…: in recent hours, posters with the header of the Regional Health Agency and the Rhône-Alpes Interdepartmental Agreement for mosquito control were plastered by the dozens on shop windows and doorsteps in downtown Mâcon.

They announce a treatment operation against the tiger mosquito, which will take place on the night of September 22 to 23. Insecticide spraying targeting adult mosquitoes will take place in the areas of Place Saint-Pierre and Place de la Barre. It will follow a door to door carried out this Wednesday, intended to deal with breeding sites.

A tourist in transit has dengue fever

In Mâcon, this procedure follows the recent stay of a tourist in transit suffering from dengue, specifies the prefecture in a press release. A disease of which the tiger mosquito, present in Mâcon since 2014, is a potential vector. Objective: “Avoid any transmission of the disease to people who live in this sector. »

Precautions for residents

The prefecture adds: “The product used, at a low dose and in compliance with health regulations, will remain suspended in the air for around thirty minutes. However, during the operations, some precautionary measures will have to be taken by the inhabitants of the sector: stay inside until 30 minutes after the passage of the vehicle, close the windows, put the animals and their linen under cover, rinse outdoor furniture after…”

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