A copy of the iOS 16 interface is a hit on the Google Play Store

Do you know the launchers ? These apps available on Android offer to redesign its interface as you wish or according to very specific themes, which is not possible on iPhone despite the efforts made by Apple in terms of customization in recent months. And there is one that is particularly popular, soberly titled “Launcher iOS 16“.

The platform offers you to almost transform your Samsung or your Xiaomi into an iPhone, with the arrival in particular of the app library, the same icons as iOS or even widgets which are very popular there. Among other things, we can cite that of the weather forecast, that of the percentage of remaining battery or even that of the photo album and that of favorite contacts.

iOS 16 launcher Android

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iOS 16 before time

Launcher iOS 16 has already been installed more than fifty million times, and can be downloaded on most current Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. For its part, Apple has not officially reacted to the remarkable success of this app even though the real iOS 16 is still in beta version on iPhone for the moment. We will have to wait until this fall for the final version.

Design elements just like the real thing

By testing Launcher iOS 16, you can also discover animation which clearly recall those of the real software, such as app icons that shake when you want to change their layout on the home screen or the search bar and the dock. With this, the developer, who is independent, also offers an equivalent of Force Touch and the possibility of renaming apps easily. This last feature, however, is not even offered on the iPhone.

iOS 16 launcher Android

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This launcher is a very practical solution if you want to try a preview of iOS 16 without investing in an iPhone. The most affordable model at the moment, the third generation iPhone SE, is indeed billed at no less than 529 euros, which remains a very high barrier to entry, especially when we know that more powerful Android mobiles are sometimes two times cheaper…

i-nfo.fr - Official App iPhon.fr
i-nfo.fr – Official App iPhon.fr

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