a compromising video of Pogba on Mbappé soon to be revealed?

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It’s a family settling of accounts which, as the days go by, is beginning to hint at an increasingly obvious sporting impact… If the case of the attempted extortion of funds which has torn the Pogba family apart since July has burst into the light of day but remains despite everything a private affair in a rather restricted circle, the presence of a certain Kylian Mbappé in this file takes on a very different dimension.

The revelations of Mathias Pogba indeed involve the crack of Bondy, who would have been targeted by the fate of a marabout at the request of Paul Pogba according to his brother. A rather unusual announcement in absolute terms, except that the approach of wanting the striker of the team, whatever the means, would be a thunderclap for the operation of the France team.

The rumor of a video swells, the France group aware

And precisely, the thunder could rumble if the hypothesis which circulates according to the Team is verified. According to the daily, the accusations of Mathias Pogba could be based on tangible evidence, and in particular video evidence which could be particularly compromising for Paul Pogba. This hypothesis has even been talked about in recent days within the France group, Didier Deschamps and Noël Le Graët having heard of the affair while a member of the staff contacted Mbappé, whose clan would be particularly attentive to the evolution of this affair, and some executives of the Blues to try to clear this file … Which has therefore not finished bouncing back.

to summarize

The controversy continues to swell in the affair which is tearing the Paul Pogba family apart, with new revelations concerning Kylian Mbappé … The hypothesis of a compromising video would indeed agitate the France group lately.

Julien Pedebos

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