A 19-year-old hacker will have taken control of 25 Tesla in the world

Increasingly connected, cars offer new gateways to hackers. This is demonstrated by the story of David Colombo, a young man of 19, who managed to take control of 25 Teslas in 13 different countries.

Relayed by the Auto Moto site, the disturbing coup by this hacker was noticed by the car manufacturer itself and which has since asked him to collaborate with its engineers.

David Colombo was first noticed on Twitter where he explained that he had managed to find a flaw in the software of the American brand’s electric vehicles.

If he does not reveal the details of his discovery, he claims to have been able to unlock the doors, turn on the headlights and lower the electric windows. But the hacking is much more worrying, this vulnerability of the system has indeed made it possible to start the vehicle remotely and to disarm all the security systems. It can even know, thanks to the on-board computer, if a driver is seated at the wheel, before carrying out certain tasks which could prove to be dangerous.

Find a solution with Tesla

If he quickly shared his worrying discovery, it was primarily because David Colombo wanted to alert Tesla in a benevolent way, so that the manufacturer could solve the problem as quickly as possible.

On his Twitter profile, the young man presents himself as a specialist in the security of high-tech products and boss of his company Colombo Tech. The American media also point out that Tesla quickly contacted him to correct this flaw.

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