59,000 electric cars recalled due to safety issue

New recall at Tesla, the American manufacturer has just recalled 59,000 vehicles because of a security problem caused by a software bug.

And a new reminder for You’re here. The American manufacturer is starting to accumulate a lot of production problems on its electric vehicles. The American firm led by Elon Musk has just made an additional recall, this time because of a software bug causing a major security problem. The latter would prevent drivers from making an emergency call.

New problem on Tesla cars

Tesla is not in its best shape. Even though sales of electric vehicles are strong, the company is losing billions of dollars because of its factories. It has also recently laid off 10,000 employees. New problems are added to this.

In a new press release, Reuters has just revealed that Tesla had made a new recall of vehicles because of a software bug impacting driver safety. More specifically, the American agency recalled 59,000 electric cars affected by a technical problem preventing the use of the eCall emergency call system.

In total, Reuters mentions 59,129 Tesla electric cars affected. This would only concern Model 3 and Model S. The problem would not allow drivers tomake an emergency call to contact the emergency services automatically following an accident.

For the moment, Tesla has not reacted. However, the German Federal Agency (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) quickly stepped up to the plate by asking the American manufacturer to quickly carry out a recall campaign in order to correct this problem on the affected vehicles. We imagine that a simple remote update should be necessary in order to fix this software bug.

For your information, Tesla has organized 11 recall campaigns since the beginning of 2022. In detail, three of them concerned a software problem, thus allowing the manufacturer to simply carry out a remote recall thanks to an OTA update. Last I heard, the brand’s vehicles produced between 2021 and 2022 were facing a recall about the central display overheating.

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