22 billion SLP in the belly – A whale shakes Axie Infinity (AXS)

rigged game – Last week, the community of the play to earn game, pioneer of the genre, trembled after the discovery of a wallet which has a little more than 22 billion Smooth Love Potions. Drunk on love potions, this wallet alone has 50% of the ecosystem utility token supplyAxie Infinity: Roninfreshly recovered from the attack experienced in March which caused him to lose more than $600 million.

An SLP whale that hides its game well

A whale (whale in English) in the crypto universe, is a wallet that holds a large amount of cryptocurrency. Here our Axie Infinity whale falls into this category because it has:

  • 1747 wETH (ETH wrapped, wrapped, here hosted on the ronin blockchain);
  • 5,223,493 AXS (AXS is the governance token of Axie Infinity);
  • SLP22 billion ;
  • and –onlyUSD 0.26.

At the time of writing this article, this loot is therefore worth more than 170 million dollars, including: $87,274,000 in SLP and around $79,188,159 in AXS.

The Axie Infinity Whale Wallet – Source: Ronin Explorer

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The Axie Infinity community shows its cards

Once this wallet was revealed, the Axie Infinity community wanted to know who owned it. Jiho, alias Jeffrey Zirlin, co-founder of Axie Infinity and head of growth, cleared the doubt last week. He confirmed that this wallet is part of the official Axie Infinity infrastructure for bridge Ronin / Binance.

As a reminder two cryptocurrencies constitute the Axie Infinity ecosystem hosted on the blockchain Ethereum. Thus, the AXS, governance token is an important cryptocurrency since it allows to participate in the decisions taken for the future of the game. Then, the SLPs are so-called utility cryptocurrencies. Their function is to make it possible to evolve in the game through a burn mechanism. By burning your SLPs you can therefore reproduce your Axies to have, for example, an Axie egg which will become an NFT. You can buy them on DEX or CEXs such as Binance.

Bridges such as bridge Ronin / Binance thus allow players to transfer their SLPs, the results of their labor to the game without suffering the gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain. These can sometimes be astronomical!

This wallet and the doubt that hovered after its discovery by members of the Axie Infinity community proves to us once again the importance of whale wallets within our ecosystem. Also fascinating than dangerousthey remain guarantors of the serenity of the ecosystem in which they invest.

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