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Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. Fast, efficient and easy to use, this software is a web reference. Its Chrome OS operating system is one of the best in the world. According to recent statistics, it holds almost 36% of the market share. The preferred browser of the majority of Internet users has also great tips and tricks.

10 tips and tricks for Google Chrome
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Over the years, this browser has developed new features such as extensions and themes that offer a comfortable use and easy. However, some of these features are still unknown to a large number of users. Here, discover 10 tips for using Google Chrome on your machine!

1. Keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation

Like other Google services, Chrome has a myriad of keyboard shortcuts. They offer an efficient way to navigate faster. These tips allow you toincrease productivity and save time. They are available for each operating system. Here are some of the google chrome shortcuts :

  • CTRL+N opens a new browser window.
  • CTRL + T opens a new tab instead.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + N opens private browsing.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + T reopens the last closed tab.
  • CTRL + SHIFT closes the current window.

If you want to close the current tab instead, use the CTRL + W combination. complete list shortcuts is available on the Google search engine support page.

2. The Omnibox for quick calculations and conversions

The Omnibox is the browser’s address bar. It displays website addresses. It is important to note that this field can be used toother uses very practical. It allows you to perform quick calculations and make currency and unit conversions. To perform a calculation, simply enter the desired operation in the address bar.

You don’t even have to press the “Enter” key to get the result. Furthermore, the Omnibox can also be used as a search engine for advanced commands. If you want to use the timer, type the query and press the ENTER key.

3. Navigate between tabs with the keyboard

It is common to have many tabs open on your Google Chrome windows. However, navigating between these elements can be somewhat complex. You will be delighted to discover this nice trick to switch between the tabs of the Chrome browser if you did not know it. To leave one tab for the next, just use the CTRL + TAB key combination. With CTRL +SHIFT + TAB you return to the previous tab.

Apart from this navigation mode, there is the possibility of directly displaying a tab in a specific way with its index. To display the tab at the first position, hold CTRL and press the “1” key, tab 2 can be accessed with CTRL + 2, tab 3 with CTRL + 3 and so on. However, there is a particularity for this tip. The CTRL + 9 shortcut is specifically used to display the very last tab, regardless of its position.

4. Quickly change and customize search engines

Google is not the only search engine allowed on Chrome. It is possible to access a range of other search engines thanks to the Omnibox. Simply enter the engine’s name or address in the address bar for instant access.

In addition, Google Chrome allows you to customize search engines as you wish for more comfortable use. Thanks to this feature, you can notably access your emails without opening the Gmail application.

5. Pin a tab

The ability to pin a tab is a very handy feature with many benefits. It reduces the size of the tab while keeping it open. The tab still remains accessible when the browser is reopened after it has been closed. the main benefit part of this feature is that it retains sites and web pages that you want to come back to later.

Pinning a tab is very effective, among other things, for quickly accessing your favorite social networks or for administering a blog. For pin a tab on Google Chrome, right-click and choose the PIN option. This feature also prevents you from inadvertently closing tabs.

6. Open multiple tabs at startup

When your Chrome browser starts, you can open many tabs by default. This trick is very effective for Internet users who use certain default sites for their searches. It facilitates access to said sites, making it possible to win time.

To set up this process, you have to go to the Chrome settings and choose the “Startup page sets” option. At this level, you can choose the web pages to display by default. Remember that pinned tabs are also automatically opened at startup.

7. Manage favorites

Also called bookmark, favorites are relevant URL addresses that an Internet user saves for future use. There are two quick ways to bookmark on Google Chrome. The first is to click on the little star on the right from the address bar (Omnibox).

The second is to click on the three vertical dots on the far right of the web page and choose the ADD THIS TAB option.

For better organization of your bookmarks enter the command chrome//bookmarks. The browser will give you the hand to classify your favorites as you wish. You can also import and export your favorites in HTML format.

8. Clean browsing data

Browsing data may contain personal information such as passwords and downloads. It is often wise to erase them for reasons of security especially when using a computer that is not his own.

To delete browsing history, cookies and saved passwords, go to the browser menu and choose the “Tools” option. Click on “Delete Browsing data” to access the personalization window. This window lets you choose the data to be cleaned over a given period.

9. Manage passwords

The Google Chrome browser allows passwords to be remembered by default. It also has features that help to manage your data well. To find all the passwords used on this browser, enter the address chrome//settings/passwords in the search bar. Chrome will give you access to the list of all the sites for which you have used a password.

You will also be able to see the identifiers used. It is possible to modify them, delete them and save them again. This feature also allows you to accept or avoid the retention of their information on some sites.

10. Print documents remotely

Google Chrome has a feature that allows you to print documents remotely. This is the option Google Cloud Print. Very practical, it can be of great use in certain cases. To take advantage of it, just activate it in the advanced settings of Chrome.

Finally, if Chrome extensions are well known for their legendary efficiency, they should not be abused at the risk of altering the fluidity of the system. Here are some tips for making a optimal experience from your Chrome browser.

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